Gourmet Prep n Serve Kitchen


This ultra modern kitchen has everything little chefs want to play pretend, including real cooking sounds and separate cooking and eating areas.

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Key Features:

  • Sleek “granite” countertops and “stainless steel” appliances – Just like real kitchens!
  • Microwave, refrigerator and oven with working doors
  • Electronic stove burners make real cooking sounds
  • Plenty of surface prep area space and cupboards for storage
  • Comes with 18 fun accessories 1-Play phone, 1-Stool, 1-Plate, 1-Fork, 1- Knife, 1-Spoon, 1-Cup, 1-Cutting board, 1-Carving knife, 1-Pot, 1-Pan, 1-Spatula, 1-Hamburger with bun, 1-Orange, 1-Corn cob and 1-Apple


Age 3 years +